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This is our suggested capacity to ensure you and your guests are most comfortable (if you have over the suggested amount we are happy to accommodate up to 40 more).

120 TABLE SEATING is based on round or rectangular tables with 8 seats per table.

80 Table seating with room for a dance floor/ mingling area.

200 MIX & MINGLE is based on standing room with minimal seating and tables.

150 THEATER STYLE utilizes rows of chairs set with aisles.



Event Coordinator- We include 1 event staff member to lend a helping hand during your whole event. Our staff member is happy to help you setup, decorate, hand out programs, restock beverages and buffet, cut the cake, take out any full trash cans and any other misc tasks that might need to be done.

Some restrictions apply such as; staff cannot help with serving of any alcohol, helping vendors with their jobs/ tasks, packing or packaging of any items supplied by outside vendors, removal of guest decor and belongings or any personal request that staff member does not feel comfortable with.  We have pride in our space for being well cleaned between each booking.


Speaker System

We include a bluetooth system with 4 total speakers in venue, 2 in the Foyer Room and 2 located in the Ballroom. Speakers in both rooms can be controlled separately or together. 2 microphones are also included, 1 per room if spaces are rented individually.


Building Details

  • 1700 square feet

  •  Central heating and cooling system

  •  ADA accessible

  •  15’ high ceilings

  •  Natural brick wall that extends the length of the building

  •  2 large bathrooms

  • Wifi

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