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Wedding Table Arrangement


Reserved paid parking is available at Biggs Insurance, (105 W Evergreen Blvd).  They are allowing us to offer their parking lot with 40 spots for a flat fee of $150 Mon-Fri after 4:30pm and weekends up to six hours. Rates are for the entire lot not per spot.


Street Parking is free after 6pm Mon-Fri and on the weekends. Otherwise it's $1.25/hr.


Paid parking lots/Garages- If guests are unable to find street parking, there are a few paid parking lots nearby. One is an outdoor parking lot on Washington St & 8th next to Key Bank, another is an underground parking lot on Washington St & 6th. There are additional parking lots in the area a bit further away and free parking in the neighborhoods that are approx. 8 blocks away.

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