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The Evergreen Studio


The Evergreen Studio is the best place to host your next event. We have a beautiful 700 square foot space that is the perfect backdrop for your gathering. From a chic art gallery space, to a wide open community room.   We have plenty of options to bring your event to life and leave lasting impressions and memories.


The space is sleek and sophisticated with an all white exterior and interior with striking dark wood floors. The frontage is fitted with ceiling-to-floor windows which fully light up the space with daylight and provide visibility to passers-by.

its 700sq feet $50/hr mon-thurs and $75 fri,sat & sun.

 free 2 hour parking across the street or street parking. They can also rent the biggs parking lot 1 block away mon-fri after 430 or all day sat & sun. $100 for 6 hours 40spots. (please word that all better)

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